Celery/Hazelnut/Broccoli Soup

Hello my lovely readers and especially the soups lovers. I’m so happy to share another amazing recipe with you; a fresh and tasty soup inspired by my colleague and very good chef Si, who would make it for his family and kids. I asked him if I could change a few ingredients and he agreed. His base is celery, broccoli and sweet potatoes and I added a few more ingredients.



5 cloves of garlic

1 shallot (45g)

50g of hazelnuts

1 sweet potato (650g)

250g celery

1,2kg broccoli

1 1/2 tbs of smoked paprika powder

10g of fresh thyme

1 large spoon of coconut oil for cooking

150ml of white wine for cooking

1 tbsp of celery seeds

salt & pepper

1850ml water with vegetable gluten free stock



So I guess you have a large pan in your house? If so, add coconut oil, chopped shallots, garlic and the hazelnuts (previously soaked 3 hours in water). Then add chopped celery, peeled and diced sweet potato, and braise for 6 min. Add smoked paprika, celery seeds, thyme, braise and mix it all for another 3 min.  Add the broccoli and wine and add the vegetable stock in water. Cook till soft for around 50 min, then blend it together and add salt and pepper to taste. This really is a family starter, serving 8-10 people.


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