Banana/ Hemp Seeds / Buckwheat Flour Pancake

Hi Everyone!

One Saturday, as I was walking down the street of our local organic

vegetable and fruit market, I spoke to local farmers, saw lots of amazing

produce and took in the incredible feel of the place. As I stood there

soaking in the glorious sunshine, tuning into all of the smells, spices,

colours and flavours surrounding me, I had the perfect idea for pancakes!

As ever, when an idea hits, I felt I was like a radio station with strong

signal, receiving all of the waves around me.

So let’s make these pancakes!

They are gluten, dairy, sugar and nut free… And of course always





150g Buckwheat Flour

80g Hemp Peeled Seeds

2 tbsp Baking Powder

2 tbsp Cinnamon

3 tbsp Agave Syrup

250ml Almond or Soya or Hazelnut Milk, just what would you like it

2 large bananas

1 tbsp Olive Oil (Pomes)



First crush bananas in ball of paste and add the flour, hemp seeds and


Now whisk the paste together adding milk, baking powder, olive oil and

agave syrup. Keep whisking until you have a nice smooth consistency.

Before cooking you’ll need to set your hob to a medium/high heat and get

your pan (best for pancakes) warmed up. Put a touch of coconut oil or

olive oil in your pan and ladle in an even spread of the mixture.

Depending on the thickness cooking on each side for around 3 – 5


This recipe is for 6 – 10 portions, suit your own taste fantasy by adding

whatever like to the top. My personal recommendation would be: Orange

zest, pomegranate seeds, adding more agave syrup, enjoying with grape

coulie or clementine compote. The possibilities are endless!